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4. október, 2022

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Babylonbee um komandi tíð

„Citizens of Taiwan reported today they were grateful to receive a free preview of the kind of thing that was going to happen to them in just a few short weeks thanks to America's weakness on the world stage under President Biden.

People across the country tuned in for the exciting, free sneak preview of what China was going to do to them any day now, now that President Xi is sure that Biden has no backbone whatsoever.“



Ghislaine Maxwell lifir enn


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One of Canada’s state-run media outlets spoke with several downtown Ottawa residents who claim to be suffering from “PTSD” because they have been hearing incessant “phantom honking” ever since the trucker convoy was forced out of the city.


Svíar höfðu rétt fyrir sér allan tímann

„A new report found that by resisting the Fauci lockdowns, Sweden had one of the lowest COVID rates in Europe.“

Úrkynuðu hryðjuverkasamtökunum Antifa tekst ekki að stöðva fyrirlestur

„Peterson, a conservative thought leader, has repeatedly found himself at odds with Antifa. His messaging on strong individualism, masculinity, and personal accountability has often clashed with Antifa sentiments, especially those fueled by outrage and impulsive demonstrations of aggression.“


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