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29. september, 2022

Í Kanada traðka þeir á gamalmennum núna



Kanadíska lögreglan traðkar á gamalmenni í hjólastól.

„What’s even more upsetting about the entire situation is that these officers seem to be doing much more than simply “following orders.”

Some journalists who are on the scene, like the Westphalian Times’ Marie Oaks, have reported seeing the officers “laughing” as they commit their brutal assaults.“

Fyrst Ástralía, nú Kanada.

Talandi um…

„Demonstrators wrapped in flags chanted “Sack them all” in reference to the Australian government as they marched through the streets, while calling to “Save the children” and “Save Australia.”“

Hef birt þetta áður, frá öðrum miðli

„Scottish health officials will no longer release figures on Covid deaths and hospitalisations by vaccination status as it does now, complaining that anti-vaxers are misusing the data.“


Verið að losa sig við vitna

„Jeffrey Epstein’s close associate and French modeling agent, Jean-Luc Brunel, was found dead in prison today in an apparent suicide.“

Vondu kallarnir vour alltaf það eina raunsæa í James Bond myndunum.

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