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26. september, 2021

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Israel vs KínaKvefið

Fact 1--Israel is the most COVID-vaccinated nation in the world.

Fact 2–Israel is now battling its FOURTH wave of infection and vaccinated people are getting sick, being hospitalized and dying.


Eins og fram kom í gær, þá eykur það líkurnar á að deyja úr KK þrefalt að taka bóluefnin.

Á meðan í hinni dystópísku Ástralíu:

„Everyday people who are just trying to go about their lives are being forced into isolation and confinement because the rapidly changing science is claiming it is the best way to save lives.“

Fangabúðir, fyrir alla.  Ástralir hafa fanga-eðlið í blóðinu.

Á meðan, í Flórída

„DESANTIS: If a government agency in the state of Florida forces a vaccine as a condition of employment, that violates Florida law and you will face a $5,000 fine for every single violation.“

Flórída-maðurinn er með þetta.

Frakkar munu hafa næga ástæðu til að mótmæla

Q:„According to the consumer prices index, energy costs have risen by 15 per over the past year in the EU, as Brussels continues to push its plans to decarbonise Europe’s economy by the year 2050.

*In Spain, people are feeling the pinch in their personal finances but this is not a Spanish problem; it is a European if not a world problem,* Talavera said.“

Fátækt fólk í Evrópu þarf þá bara að frjósa í myrkri.

If you pledge undying loyalty to the Covid vaccines, you are a true believer.

„the vast majority of vaccinated people (97%) consider their ex-friends to be „full-blown anti-vaxxers“ and say they could never get them to understand the importance of the vaccine. Those respondents also shared why their former friends didn't want to get vaccinated – from not believing in vaccines to claiming the COVID-19 vaccine doesn't work.

On the other hand, many unvaccinated people say their decision is a personal choice because they're worried about potential side-effects. Others add they're healthy and believe they don't need the vaccine, while some expressed distrust in the vaccine rollout.“

Það er munur á manngerðum.

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