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4. október, 2022



Sjáið hve fjótt ríki fara til fjandans

„Leaked chat messages show members of Canandian law enforcement bragging about abusing protestors. The messages surfaced just after the Toronto Police Mounted Unit trampled an elderly woman at a Freedom Convoy demonstration in Ottawa.

“That’s awesome,” one wrote in response to the headline: “Police horses trample peaceful protestors.”

“We only think we’re living the dream.”

“That’s what we need to do!” another wrote.“

Það er til vídjó af svona

„Look at the police drag this guy between the trucks so an officer can knee him as as hard as he can. None of the other cops seem to care about his behaviour as he quickly checks to see if any Canadian saw him“

Og það þýðir ekkert fyrir þau að kvarta heldur

„Following the wave of calls, the OPD decided that the best response would be just to threaten the callers with criminal charges – because, hey, it’s worked so well for everything else, and, ultimately, they are tyrants, so it makes perfect sense.“

En það eru ekki allir ráðamenn orðnir ruglaðir

„Alberta is filing a Court challenge to the unjustified use of the Emergencies Act. We may also intervene in support of other Court challenges. As Tommy Douglas said about the use of the War Measures Act in 1970, it’s like “using a sledgehammer to crack a peanut.“

Á léttari nótum

„DL is an enemy of the woke Twitter overlords for one reason only – because the account is so devastatingly effective at pointing out the hypocrisy of our liberal elected leaders and talking heads in a way that can't be denied or explained away. What is their method, you ask? They literally just post leftist leaders' and influencers' exact words … just screenshots of things people have said, that's it.“

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