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29. september, 2022

Yfirvöld vs vörubílstjórar


Þetta er á leið í hart

Ottawa police have threatened to arrest anyone providing the Freedom Convoy with gas and diesel cans after they initially blocked trucks with fuel tanks coming to the aid of the protesters.

Þetta er að virka.

GB News um málið:

Kommúnisti handtekinn fyrir morðtilræði

„On Saturday several freedom protesters were injured by a vehicle that appeared to intentionally ram into a truck and run over at least one protester in Winnepeg.

The masked man who ran over the Winnipeg Freedom Convoy protesters is an Antifa activist.“

Önnur tilraun til ófrægingar:

„The video above is a great analogy for today's Left and the way they go about canceling people they disagree with.“

Tilgangurinn með þessu:

„If we don’t fight for our freedoms now, our kids will have no freedoms to fight for later, Mark, a demonstrator in Ottawa, Ontario, told Breitbart News“

Á meðan, í Ísrael:

„The Director of Ichilov Hospital revealed in his recent interview that between 70% and 80% of serious COVID-19 cases reported in their hospital were vaccinated individuals.

According to Prof. Yaakov Jerris, Director of Ichilov Hospital’s coronavirus ward, the majority of severe COVID cases reported had received at least three shots.  He also claimed that the vaccine has ‘no significance regarding severe illness.’“

Þetta er annað en Íslenskir fjölmiðlar segja.

Joe Rogan er vinsæll

Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski posted an offer letter to Joe Rogan on Twitter offering the podcaster $100 million over four years to bring The Joe Rogan Experience to the platform.

Um ástandið í LA



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